Julian Martin, Artist

Melbourne Art Fair, 2012

19 July 2012

Royal Exhibition Centre

Artwork by Julian Martin

Green bottle on blue background

Julian Martin has exhibited some of his works at this year's Melbourne Art Fair. His works was among 40 other artists at the Arts Project Australia Stand. Arts Project Australia were thrilled with Julian as he has sold 21 of his works.



Ecovantage Head Office, Abbotsford, Victoria

Ecovantage is an organization based in Melbourne that delivers energy efficiency solutions to homes and businesses throughout Australia. Recently, they have purchased various works of art, including works by Julian Martin, to be displayed in their offices and boardroom.

Six Green Shapes

Six Green shapes

Modern Times, Pop Up, Shop 3


311 Smith St, Collingwood

Danish table, chair and bureau. and Julians artwork on the wall

Vintage Danish table, chair and bureau. and Julians artwork on the wall.

Julian Martin has one of his works exhibited at the Vintage Danish furniture and Contemporary Australian art and design exhibition, held at Modern Times. 311 Smith St Collingwood, Victoria. The exhibition opened on April 21, 2012.

Outsider Art Fundraising Auction


Leonard Joel

Therese Rein and two of
Julian's Works for Auction

Leonard Joel hosted the Outsider Art Fundraising Auction for Arts Project Australia, the largest fundraising event in the history of Arts Project Australia. Leonard Joel works closely with Arts Project Australia.

Two of Julian's works were successfully sold.